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Save the Rio Grande-Colorado


The Río Grande-Colorado is an incredible natural resource that flows through the Payunia Natural Reserve in Argentina. I had the opportunity to see this beautiful river and its desert volcanic landscapes on a 2 week rafting expedition in February 2020. 


The Mendoza hydroelectric project Portazuelo del Viento on Rio Grande is an ill-conceived scheme by the Chinese company Gezhouba that will flood and steal water from this river. The project consists of not only a 597ft-high dam that will drown more than 20 miles of the river, it will also divert most of the river water into the Río Atuel drainage, removing water from the Payunia Reserve and from people living downstream in La Pampa. The project includes 4 additional massive dams downstream resulting in the near complete destruction of

Río Grande-Colorado.

Río Grande-Colorado should be accessible to all the people of Argentina and the world and considered a national and international treasure as part of the Payunia Reserve that it flows through. This river should remain free so all humanity can appreciate its unspoiled unique nature! Please take a moment and help save the Rio Grande-Colorado by signing the petition to stop the dams!

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